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Phil Chapman’s Objectives In Serving You, His Client

  • to help you in wise choices in forming new businesses/business relationships
  • to assist your business in its second and third stages of growth
  • to assure that your business is in a ready position to attract lenders, investors or buyers
  • to protect against the consequences from the defection of key employees
  • where there is more than one owner, to prepare the owners and the business for the impact of death or permanent disability
  • to assist in buying a business
  • to assist in selling a business

“When it comes to the sale or purchase of businesses, I strive not only to assist the client in making the best deal available, but to get the deal done in a very timely and cost efficient manner. ” Phil Chapman also adds; ” I consider myself to be a team player; and I encourage a client at the very outset to permit me to organize and coordinate the activities of the client’s other professionals.”

Of those Mr. Chapman suggests involving:

  • The Broker
  • The Accountant
  • The Insurance Agent
  • Other lawyers who concentrate in the fields of tax, labor and employment practices, intellectual property and environmental law