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Business disputes come in many forms. Some take place between two businesses. Others occur within a business between shareholders or limited liability company members.  Mediation can address those disputes and others, such as those involving breach of contracts for purchases of goods or services, and breach of leases by landlords or tenants

Business disputes often involve business relationships that both parties benefit from and wish to maintain. Lawsuits usually end these relationships.  Mediation is a better way to resolve disputes while preserving important business relationships.

Commercial litigation takes time and is very costly. Mediation typically is more efficient

Phil mediates business disputes  for the Superior Court of New Jersey Law Division and as a volunteer mediator of the Superior Court of New Jersey Essex County Early Settlement Program. Because of his long and varied experience in providing legal services to businesses in a vast amount of contexts, Phil brings to mediations an understanding of business that that is invaluable in his efforts to broker settlements


My latest eBook goes into more detail on this topic. A brief introduction follows:

Most of my clients operate small and mid-sized businesses, many of them family-owned; and I have learned from them what it takes to run a successful business. I also know how challenging it can be to settle disputes that arise within a business run by family members and sometimes part-owned by family members who do not work in the business; and I offer mediation services for business disputes among family members. My goal, whether as a transaction attorney, a litigator or mediator, is to use my experience with business clients and knowledge of the New Jersey law to settle business disputes in an efficient and effective manner. I examine complex business issues that arise within a company and use a broader focus to guide everyone involved toward the right solution. Many times the solutions are simple, but people directly involved in the business are unable to see them. I act as a neutral third party; and I assist the parties involved to discover creative practical solutions that will be best for their business, often preventing the need for litigation or helping them to settle litigation which has already been commenced.

I know how important it is to keep the balance between running a successful business and dealing with family dynamics. I understand that so much of effective mediation requires a deep appreciation of context and mature judgment. I am known for asking the right questions that get to the heart of the dispute and the underlying emotions that might be preventing a solution and for attentive listening to their answers. For testimonials from some of my clients, see my website, www.superlawyer-nj and the website of an internet lawyer rating service, Mediation helps New Jersey businesses resolve their disputes, whether they be internal or external, without the expenditure of a great deal of time of the parties, distraction from the operation of their business and the incurring of high legal expenses.