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“It’s a challenge to figure out where to start when describing Phil Chapman. He is an amazing attorney, and person, with an extremely rare combination of skills. Most attorneys would be very happy to possess just a couple of these, let alone the whole package. He’s passionate about law and business, and it shows in the quality and thoroughness of his work.

First and foremost, he has a heart! He is the antithesis of the stereotypical “lawyer jokes” and truly cares about his clients. This was evident when I would receive calls from him at odd hours (yes, nights and weekends) and he would excitedly suggest an idea that suddenly popped into his head! By the way, the clock was never running when he had these creative outbursts.

He is brilliant, and has an uncanny, instinctive knowledge of all aspects of business, including sales. While I would recommend Phil to help clean up a problem, I would also advise anyone starting a business to work with Phil from the start to ensure you set yourself up for success.

Another of his remarkable traits is his efficiency. Simply put, Phil accomplishes in one hour what every other lawyer I’ve ever worked with takes 4 or 5—if at all—to accomplish. To top it off, he has a great sense of humor. I never thought I would actually enjoy working with a lawyer until I retained Phil. Yes, when the “law gods” created Phil, they broke the mold! He is a breath of fresh air in a profession that has always had a negative reputation, and he gets my highest recommendation.”

George XourisAccount Executive at Bronto Software

“I know Phil Chapman as the “Lovable Lawyer”. He approaches everyone with a genuine interest and is always thinking of what is best for the other person. He is considerate, full of wisdom, experienced, caring, and yes, lovable. I highly recommend Phil Chapman for the legal council you need to make sound business decisions that will enable you to be more effective and more profitable in your business and life.”

Angela KubiskyChamber Executive, Speaker, Branding Expert

“I was introduced to Phil Chapman through a client where we have worked together addressing a number of legal issues.

I have found Phil to be an amazing attorney who brings to the table an incredible level of diligence, foresight, and analytical problem solving. In addition, I am amazed at Phil’s ability to analyze the business side of an issue, and provide lucid business recommendations to mitigate or maximize the legal outcome as the case may be.

I would not hesitate to recommend Phil to my other clients, and if I would ever be in need of personal legal counsel, I would welcome his sage advise.”

June 5, 2013, Michael worked directly with Philip L. at Lum Drasco & Positan, LLC

Michael Long, CPA, CGMAFounder & CEO, MGL Associates LLC

I met Phil through a friend at a time when I had a really tough legal situation. Although I could not use Phil as my attorney for that legal matter, he called me once a week to see how I was making out. At the time, I had not hired him for anything previously. That’s the kind of guy Phil is. Never mind the fact that he is the best lawyer I have ever met. I have since used Phil for numerous legal matters. He of course, exceeded all of my expectations. I really can’t thank him enough. Phil is a super person and a super lawyer.less On June 2, 2013, Marc was Philip’s client

Marc BalzamoPresident at Facilities Exchange: Web Based Facility Maintenance Software

“Phil is a very competent business attorney. He has extensive experience working with business owners. He gets to know his client’s business before he offers advice. He is a great listener. The combination of these skills enables him to understand the business issues and advise clients in more than just legal matters. Frequently his advice leads to solutions that do not involve legal action. If legal advice and counsel are called for, Phil helps his clients find the right specialist to work with. If you are looking for a business attorney, I suggest you talk to Phil.” On February 28, 2012, Allan was with another company when working with Philip L. at Lum Drasco & Positan, LLC ”

Allan BergerBusiness Development Strategist and Consultant Helping Clients Grow

Phil is one of the best best attorneys in New Jersey. In the areas of corporate and business law, real estate and corporate governace Phil has a breadth of knowledge and experience second to none. That is why he teaches those subjects to younger, less experienced attorneys. Phil also is sensitive to clients’ budgets and bills reasonably for his top-notch advice and counsel. But Phil’s strongest attribute is that he is a “deal completer” rather than a “deal killer”

April 28, 2008, Steven was with another company when working with Philip L. at Lum Drasco & Positan, LLC

Steve MillerCEO at Infinite Dimensions Inc.

I have known Phil for over a 25 years and he is the most professional and competent attorney I know. He is by far one of the best attorneys in New Jersey and for many years he is listed as one of New Jersey’s ‘Super Lawyers’. Phil has extensive experience in several areas of business law as evidenced by his profile on these pages. His eBook on “Mediation of Business Disputes” is a classic and his Avvo rating is listed as Superb. Apart from this, Phil is highly committed and motivated to accomplish whatever mission he is given and is constantly keeping up to date in his fields of specialization, which are many. On another note Phil is a good friend, very fair and kind and always comes through in a pinch. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
James is a consultant / contractor to Philip L. Chapman at Lum Drasco & Positan, LLC

James Waldron, Ph.DPresident /CEO Techno Works Inc.

“I am the Chairman and CEO of iControl, and due to our relatively large size we have varied and often complex legal needs. We have used Mr. Phil Chapman’s services in multiple matters over the years, including to facilitate a large sale of one of our divisions, a sundry of legal disputes, and drafting partnership and joint venture agreements. Phil has repeatedly demonstrated an exceptionally rare combination of business savvy and deep, encyclopedic knowledge of his profession – along with the ability to put people at ease. I warmly and wholeheartedly recommend Phil Chapman.”  On November 7, 2010, Tal was Philip L.’s client

Tal J. ZlotnitskyChairman & Co CEO of iControl Universal Collaboration Solutions


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