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Phil Chapman concentrates in counseling New Jersey business owners of small to medium sized companies, including a business that is family owned. In a just published survey for 2016 of the Best Lawyers in New York City and Metropolitan New Jersey, I am listed under Corporate Law.

Why is Phil Chapman such an effective business lawyer?

Because so much of effective counseling involves judgment based on experience.

ALM, together with Martindale-Hubbell, has announced that I am being included in publications, including the New Jersey Law Journal , the New York Law Journal and New York Magazines coming out in December as one of 2015 New York Area’s Top AV Rated Lawyers. The AV rating is the top rating given to lawyers by Martindale-Hubble.

As a “Primary care lawyer” Phil Chapman provides a broad range of counsel for your business-including knowing when “to bring in experienced lawyers with specialized knowledge”, including businesses that are family owned. Phil’s experience in, and knowledge of,  New Jersey Law is abundant. This allows him to be effective as he takes a step back to examine complex business issues using a broader focus. By first examining a situation in its entirety, Phil can often come up with a simple business solution – sometimes even removing the need for legal remedy.

Family run businesses have all of the usual problems encountered by business people everywhere. Sometimes they also have problems resulting from family dynamics and relationships. It is at times like these when Phil’s experience at resolution law can be helpful. With his down-to-earth approach, and many years’ experience, he can help your family.