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Over the long span of his career Mr. Chapman has represented parties on all sides of:

  • buying  apartment properties
  • buying shopping centers 
  • shopping center leases 
  • leasing industrial property
  • permanent mortgage loans
  • real estate brokers disputes
  • limited liability companies
  • selling apartment properties
  • selling shopping centers
  • office building leases
  • construction loans
  • real estate brokers agreements
  • real estate syndications

In assisting his tenant clients in negotiating leases, Mr. Chapman, as a business lawyer whose experience far transcends real estate matters, offers special planning expertise. Headdresses important issues too often missed by other attorneys, such as those related to overly restrictive use clauses, overly restrictive prohibitions on assignment and subletting, absence of provisions for subordinating a landlord’s lien or right of distraint to the lien of the tenant’s financing institution, failure to provide for a non-disturbance agreement as a condition of the subordination of the lease to the landlord’s present and future mortgages.

Mr. Chapman has represented real estate brokers with respect to their listing and commission agreements and disputes with sellers and landlords.  He has lectured to the commercial and industrial brokers of Insignia/Edward S. Gordon, Grubb & Ellis and Newmark & Company on various topics.  In 2002 he organized and chaired a seminar on commercial leasing, under the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education.

Mr. Chapman focuses immediately on what is really important and in getting the deal done, as expeditiously and low-cost as is possible.  No matter how difficult the attorneys or the parties on the otherwise of the deal may be, Mr. Chapman never loses a deal over personality clashes.

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